9 Kitchen Island Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

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It is a common misconception that a small kitchen cannot include a kitchen island. However, it is not impossible to include an island even in a tight space. Here are nine kitchen island design ideas for small kitchens.

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Attached Island
The kitchen island in this home is attached to the counter, but it is raised with room underneath to create more visual space. It can be used to store a small appliance or prepare meals, but placing one or two stools at the island creates additional seating.

From: Home Designing

Built-In Sink
A kitchen in a tight space, such as the attic, does not leave much room for additional elements. One idea is to combine the elements to create a functional but space-saving design. This kitchen features an island with a built-in sink, allowing both elements to work together in one area.

From: Decoist

Against The Wall
Traditionally, a kitchen island is found in the center of the kitchen. However, a smaller space often means breaking tradition to make your design work. In this kitchen, the island is found against the wall rather than in the center. When you place it across from the counter, it creates a small entrance into your kitchen.

From: Carrebianhome Home and Design

Small Table
If your space is too limited for a traditional island, create your own with a small table in the center of your kitchen. You can use it for a portable appliance, such as a blender or mixer, or you can strictly use it for preparing meals. Add a few chairs to turn your small island into a dining table.

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Breakfast Bar Island
A small counter-like surface in the corner of your kitchen can act as an island for preparing and enjoying meals. Placed near an outlet, this surface can hold at least one portable appliance. When you add in one or two stools, you are creating an island that doubles as a small breakfast bar.

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Open Concept
Use a small kitchen in an open layout as an opportunity to create zones. This island sits between the small kitchen and living space of this open apartment. You have the function of a kitchen island, but you can also use it to divide your space into zones.

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Stainless Steel Island
A stainless steel island reflects natural and artificial light, which is known for making a smaller space feel bigger. If you have an open layout, use your stainless steel island as an entrance so you can also reflect the light from the living room.

From: Founterior

Rolling Cart Island
A rolling cart island is popular in most homes that do not have a traditional island, and it definitely works in a smaller kitchen. Whether you need it in the center or against the wall, the wheels allow you to place your island wherever you want. You can even remove it from the kitchen altogether if you need the extra space.

From: Carrebianhome Home and Design

Corner Table
A kitchen in a basement may have to be placed in the corner to create more floor space. You can add an island with chairs to the other side of your kitchen area. You are creating more floor space by allowing your island to double as a dining table.

From: Decoist

When you invest in the right materials and think outside the box, you can add an island to even the smallest kitchen.

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