8 Ways to Add The Wow Factor To Your Living Room

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The Scandinavian style features a clean, airy space, but you can still create a focal point in your living room. There are many ways to add a touch of pizzazz to your space. Here are eight ways to add the "wow" factor to your Scandinavian living room.

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Dark and Textured
You can use both dark and textured accessories to add a "wow" factor to your living room. A black pendant light, oversized floor lamp and cowhide rug are sure to stand out against the white walls and wooden floors.

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Hanging Lights
Hanging pendant lights are a simple but effective way to add a focal point to your living room. The lights create a functional but stylish element that works for most Scandinavian-style spaces.

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Splash of Color
Add a splash of color to your white living room by painting a wall light blue. Enhance the look by placing one or two colored throw pillows on your white couch. It adds pizzazz without taking away from your clean space.

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Colorful Patterns
Give your living room a chic Scandinavian look by adding fun patterns to your space. Colored patterns such as straight and zigzag lines are sure to gain attention, especially when you pair them with solid colored furniture. It is best to use solid and patterned pieces in a similar color scheme, as it creates balance without making the space look too busy.

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Playful Pieces
While it is always fun to add accessories and patterns to your living room, you can also let your furniture make a statement. A wooden spool coffee table and oddly-shaped chairs can give any Scandinavian living room a unique look. You can also mix furniture of neutral and bold colors, such as dark grey and light pink. Finish it off with odd-shaped decorative pieces on a shelf or along the window.

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Multiple Focal Points
A living room such as this one features multiple focal points to catch your eye. The elegant chandelier, convenient built-in shelves and large rug work together in this space. A rocking chair that differs from the living room set and wall art only enhance the "wow" factor.

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Elegant But Fun
A color scheme such as black and yellow makes an elegant but fun statement in this white Scandinavian living room. Give your living room a stylish look with mismatched furniture, an odd-shaped mirror and a patterned rug. Wallpaper is another way to add a pattern to your living room, and the best part is you can change it when you are ready to update your Scandinavian vibe.

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Scandinavian Retreat
Imagine a Scandinavian living room with a wooden swing, bench and greenery. You know these elements are going to stand out above anything else in your living room, especially the swing because it is not often found indoors. You can actually use your focal point as a personal retreat when you need a break from your regular routine.

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With the right elements, you can add a "wow" factor to any Scandinavian-style living room, from colorful pieces to unique patterns to mismatched furniture.

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