8 Ways To Add Mid Century Modern Style To Your Living Room

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One of the best things about the Scandinavian style is you can mix it with other trends. With it being so close to the mid-century modern style, it is easy to mix these styles together in one place. Use the following ideas to add a mid-century modern style to your Scandinavian living room.

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Mid-Century Modern Furniture
You can easily add the mid-century modern design to your living room by investing in pieces from designers such as Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobsen. If you are on a tight budget, you can check out the mid-century pieces from Stockholm at Ikea. A wooden triangular coffee table and white chair are great examples of mid-century modern furniture.

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Use Real Wood
You can find a variety of furniture made of engineered pressed wood, but the key to adding a mid-century modern style is to invest in pieces made of real wood. If you are having trouble finding real wooden pieces in your budget, you can always check thrift stores and flea markets, or look for pieces that resemble real wooden furniture.

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Use Your Accessories
The right accessories can add a mid-century modern look to any living room. In this living room, mid-century modern lamps are paired with white Scandinavian walls to combine the styles. The look is enhanced with pastel colors such as pearl grey and soft blue.

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Stick With Authentic Designs
Stick with authentic designs by investing in cozy Scandinavian armchairs and round wooden coffee tables. The mid-century modern look is created using the couch and colorful throw pillows, which stand out in an interior of white brick, blue accent walls, whitewashed roof beams and bleached wood floors.

From: Trendland

Embrace Clean Lines
Furniture with clean lines not only fit the Scandinavian style, but they also embrace the mid-century modern design. You want to invest in pieces with natural shades and smooth rounded edges, such as the coffee and end tables seen in this living room.

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Flared Legs
There are many Scandinavian elements that fit the mid-century modern look. One element that has stood the test of time? Wooden furniture with flared legs. You can find a small table and coffee table with flared wooden legs in this living room. This is also a great choice if you love designs from the 1950s and 1960s.

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Mid-Century Modern Teak
A piece as simple as your coffee table can add that mid-century look to your living room. With all the materials that fit the mid-century modern style, a teak coffee table is still popular among homeowners today. You can stick with the Scandinavian style by embracing a white and grey color scheme, which you can achieve with your mid-century modern teak tables.

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Cathedral Ceilings
Cathedral ceilings are mid-century modern elements that add a "wow" factor to your living room. Of course, you do not want to stray away from your Scandinavian look, so be sure to pair your white ceiling and walls with wooden elements and hardwood flooring.

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With the right elements and materials, you can add a mid-century modern look to your Scandinavian-style living room with ease.

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