8 Modern Four Poster Bed Ideas That Work In Contemporary Homes

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There are many elements that can work in a Scandinavian bedroom, such as a modern four poster bed. What seems like an ordinary piece of furniture has become very popular among homeowners. If you are looking to change up your bedroom, here are eight modern four poster bed ideas that work in your contemporary home.

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Simple With White
A white interior creates the clean look that you need to achieve a Scandinavian-style bedroom, so you can never go wrong with a white four poster bed. In this bedroom, the clean lines enhance the white decor, ceiling fan and brick wall. You can pair the white bed with a wooden shelving unit and hardwood floor.

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Splash of Color
A wooden four poster bed always works with wooden furniture, white walls and hardwood floors, as you can see in this Scandinavian bedroom. However, you do not have to limit your decor to white and neutral shades. You can easily add a splash of color to your bedding with a multicolored throw blanket and several throw pillows.

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Bamboo Bed
A four poster bed with a bamboo frame is sure to stand out in an off-white or grey bedroom. Enhance the color scheme with your bedding, wooden nightstands and silver lamps. Pair your bamboo bed with a canopy to create a relaxing sleep environment.

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Combined Elements
When you combine your black four poster bed, wooden furniture and white walls, as seen in this bedroom, the elements shine without overpowering one another. You can enhance this look with black and white bedding and accessories. It is a modern scheme that fits the Scandinavian style.

From: Natural Bed Company

Black and White
A black and white scheme is always a great choice for a contemporary Scandinavian-style bedroom. Start with a black metal four poster bed against a white brick wall, and add layers with black and white bedding. Let your greenery, wooden furniture and hardwood floor provide a break from the color scheme.

From: Lonny Magazine

Wooden Frame
A Scandinavian bedroom depends on wooden elements to make the look work, so a modern four poster bed with a wooden frame is ideal for this space. You can enhance the bed with wooden furniture and accessories, from your dresser to your framed mirror.

From: Decoist

Raised Bed
A Scandinavian bedroom is supposed to be a cozy space, and you can create a relaxing place to rest with a raised four poster bed. The frame includes a platform that raises your mattress one or two feet off the ground. If you are working with a white and blue color scheme, you can tie everything together with a wooden frame.

From: Payne's Custard

Soothing Colors
There is nothing like layers on your bed to create a comfortable place to rest. Start with a wooden modern four poster bed, and cover the bed in blue and cream-colored bedding. Top it off with a dark blue throw blanket.

From: Natural Bed Company

Whether you are choosing a wooden, bamboo or metal frame in a light or dark shade, you can easily make a modern four poster bed work in your Scandinavian-style bedroom.

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