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12 Ways To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

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The Scandinavian-look is the ideal style for a smaller room, as you are creating an airy, clutter-free space. Of course, you may be looking for other ways to make the room feel more spacious. Use the following tips to make your small Scandinavian room look bigger.

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Use A Mirror
One of the oldest tricks in the book is to use a mirror to make your living room, bedroom or hallway feel bigger. When you angle the mirror just right, it creates the illusion of more depth.

From: My Paradissi

Use Multiple Elements
This Scandinavian living room features a bright interior with a pop of color, but it is the patterned rug, brick wall and large windows that makes the space seem longer.

From: Decoist

Open Concept
If you have a one-bedroom Scandinavian apartment, consider an open concept for your layout. Separating the living room and bedroom with a half-wall creates an airy, flowing space.

From: Freshome

Large Area Rug
There is something about using a large area rug that makes the room feel like one big space. If you are working with a small kitchen, you can use a narrow Scandinavian rug to make it feel longer.

From: Another Big Machine

Spaced Out Furniture
Creating a Scandinavian-style room often means spacing out your furniture to create a clean look. It creates more air flow and room for movement, and it reduces the feeling of being cramped inside a small space.

From: Happy Grey Lucky

Monochrome Colors
A monochromatic scheme features different shades of one or two colors, such as this baby nursery of grey and white. The lighter shades and small patterns make the space feel bigger, and the darker shades add texture without making the space feel dull.


Ample Lighting
It is no secret that ample lighting makes the space feel bigger. You want to use both natural and artificial light for this trick. This means large windows with lightweight drapes or no drapes at all, and several small lamps strategically placed throughout the room.

From: Decoist

Use Bigger Furniture
It is a common misconception that you should only use smaller furniture in a small space. However, a large couch in your living room is going to draw the eye to the wider piece, creating the illusion of more space.

From: Macha Mal Aria

Transparent Elements
Transparent elements create more visual space, which results in the space feeling bigger. The glass shower door in this Scandinavian bathroom eliminates the visual barriers in the room.


Draw The Eye Upward
Trick the mind into thinking the ceiling is higher than it really is by drawing the eye upward. Examples are high curtains, upper cabinets or, as in this Scandinavian bedroom, an upper storage solution on top of the wardrobe.

From: Ideal Home

Continued Flooring
The hardwood floor is continued throughout this one-bedroom Scandinavian apartment, which eliminates the feeling of smaller zones. Instead, continued flooring makes the apartment feel like one large space.

From: HomeDSGN

Raised Furniture
Raised furniture is another trick to create more visual space, and one example is this Scandinavian kitchen, which features a raised island and stools.

From: Home Designing

When you invest in the right pieces and think outside the box, you can easily make your small Scandinavian room feel bigger.

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