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10 Worktop Ideas For Your White Kitchen

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It is no secret that a white kitchen makes your space feel bigger and brighter, and there are plenty of colors and designs that work with this look. Of course, you
want to be sure you are creating a kitchen that works with your contemporary
Scandinavian or mid century modern kitchen. If you need a little help with this
decision, here are 10 worktop ideas for your white kitchen.

Article image from: Destination Eichler

Butcher Block

A butcher block worktop features a warm, neutral shade that makes your kitchen
feel comfortable. The styles include edge grain, face grain and end grade.

From: Sarah Sherman Samuel

White Granite
A white granite worktop blends with your white kitchen, but the grains add a bit of color or texture to the surface. If you want to add an elegant vibe while only
slightly stepping out of your theme, opt for a white granite worktop.

From: Antiquessl

Solid Black
Black and white go hand-in-hand and work with most themes, so a black worktop is always a good choice in a white kitchen. It gives your kitchen a contemporary look, but it also adds a touch of sophistication to your space.

From: San Diego Photography

Red Laminate
If you are looking to add a burst of color to your white kitchen, consider a red
laminate worktop. There is something about a red worktop that gives your kitchen a professional look, especially when you pair it with stainless steel appliances.

From: Grezu

White Laminate
If you are worried about bold colors taking away from your mid-century modern
inspired kitchen, skip the color and use a white laminate worktop. The plywood
edges and elements, along with the stools in a similar shade, shy away from an
all-white kitchen while sticking to the original theme.


From: Interiors Addict

Grey Soapstone
You can mix your farmhouse and mid-century modern vibes by adding a grey
soapstone counter to your kitchen. Soapstone is a known material in farmhouse-
style kitchens, and the grey helps you achieve the mid-century modern style you
have in mind.

From: Decor Pad

Blu Stelline Quartz
A blue worktop is great for making a bold statement in your white kitchen. The
Blu Stelline Quartz worktop creates a calming effect while adding a focal point to
your space.

From: LWK Kitchens

Waterfall Worktop
Imagine a waterfall worktop in your contemporary Scandinavian kitchen. You can
add a modern, trendy look to your kitchen without taking away from your original
theme. The worktop can be made of elements such as quartz, glass and granite,
and the sleek design is showcased when placed in a bright interior.

From: Mim Design

Grey Concrete
A grey concrete worktop is another way to add a modern look to your
contemporary Scandinavian or mid-century modern kitchen. Stainless steel is
trendy and works in most kitchens, so let your stainless steel appliances tie your
grey concrete worktop and white kitchen together.

From: Destination Eichler

Solid White Quartz
A white quartz worktop eliminates the seams to create a clean and crisp look in
any space. It is best to use a solid worktop so you can truly embrace the pure
look of an all-white kitchen.

From: Black Rok

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