10 Space Saving Wardrobe Ideas For Small Bedrooms

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Sometimes, a small Scandinavian bedroom means making the most of your wardrobe space, and sometimes you do not have a wardrobe at all. If you are working with a small space, check out the following space-saving wardrobe ideas for small bedrooms.

Article image from: Metaroclub

Tall Dresser
One idea is to store your clothing inside a tall dresser, preferably one with at least five regular-sized drawers, and maybe two smaller drawers. Remember, you can also store baskets and bins on top of the dresser.

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Wall-Mounted Clothing Rack
Whether you need an alternative wardrobe or additional space, your wall makes a great storage solution. In this bedroom, a wall-mounted unit with two racks gives you a place to hang and access your clothing.

From: Home Designing

Traditional Clothing Rack
You can also use a traditional clothing rack as your wardrobe, and one or two racks are not going to take up much space in your small bedroom. Use the racks to store and organize your outfits, and place the items you do not want on display inside a small dresser.

From: Decoist

Bed With Drawers
When you need space-saving ideas, look to your very own bed. A bed with drawers creates a place for your seasonal apparel and accessories. In some cases, there is enough space under the bed itself for an additional storage solution, such as a shoe organizer.

From: Dania Furniture

Under The Bed Storage
Speaking of under the bed storage, woven baskets are great for your hats, shoes or seasonal apparel. They fit right under your bed for easy storage. The best part is they keep your items organized and out of the way.

From: The Everygirl

Above The Bed
Another way to save space is to install several cabinets above your bed. The cabinets allow you to organize your clothing while concealing them. You can also use the surface on top of the cabinets for seasonal items.

From: Freshome

Freestanding Wardrobe
A freestanding wardrobe is great for storing your items when your room does not have an actual wardrobe. The wardrobe in this bedroom features several storage solutions. If you are worried about the wardrobe taking up too much space, opt for a narrow design.

From: Jivebike.Com

Open Wardrobe
Sometimes, using one unit takes up less space than several dressers. An open wardrobe unit such as this one can be placed against the wall. The racks, drawers and shelves store and organize your items, but also put them on display to promote a clutter-free lifestyle.

From: Metaroclub

Built-in Wall Storage
You never want to waste the space in a small bedroom, especially your wall space. This built-in storage unit includes shelves and racks for storing your items, and placing it against an entire wall creates more floor space.

From: Decor Aid

Built-In Bed Storage
You can also opt for built-in storage around your bed. The built-in storage is placed on either side of the bed, as seen in this bedroom, and you can use the wardrobe, drawers and shelves to store your clothing and accessories.

From: Home Stratosphere

Whether you need an alternative or additional space, there are plenty of materials that create a space-saving wardrobe in your small Scandinavian bedroom.

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