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10 Inspirational Shower Room Ideas

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There was once a time when your shower room was a simple space for bathing and grooming. However, many homeowners are looking for shower rooms that offer both function and relaxation. If you are looking to transform your space, here are 10 inspirational shower room ideas.

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All-White Shower Room
What is known as a traditional design can be used to bring your ideal shower room to life. You can stick with an all-white interior to create a clean look, or you can add in a pop of color with greenery or accessories.

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Different Textures
Give your shower room a unique look by adding different textures to your space. You can start with tiles on the floor and walls, and you may even decide to use a different set of tiles for the actual shower. Finish it off with a wooden window frame and wood paneled ceiling.

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Multifunctional Shower Room
Multifunctional shower rooms are becoming a normal space in most homes these days. In this bathroom, you can find a shower behind a small glass wall. On the other side of the wall is a toilet and bidet, as well as a vanity with a sink and storage.

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Different Zones
Imagine a shower room with a toilet behind a wall, and on the other side of the wall is your shower. The other side of the shower features a glass wall, which separates your shower and bathtub. You can place the sink just several feet from the toilet.


Dual Showers
Ideal for couples with busy schedules, this shower room features dual shower heads with plenty of space for two people. Each shower head includes a towel rod and wooden shower mat. There is even a shelving unit inside the shower room for toiletries. On the other side of the glass wall is a long vanity with a mirror and sink.

From: Home Designing

Combined Space
This beautiful shower room features a spacious shower, bathtub and storage space. What you do not see in this picture is the wall-mounted double sink and laundry area, complete with storage for your supplies and next outfit.

From: Classic Homeworks

Black and White
A black and white shower room is another traditional design that can be inspirational to homeowners. There is something about this scheme that allows you to create a dramatic but elegant statement in any space. A shower room such as this one features a white interior with black hardware.

From: Scandinavian Love Song

Wooden Elements
Here is another idea for a black and white shower room, in which both the interior and accessories are black and white. The difference between this shower room and the previous shower room? The wooden wall near your sink, which adds a rustic vibe to your space.

From: Aripan Home Design

Floor To Ceiling
If you are working with limited space, consider a floor to ceiling shower glass door to make the space feel bigger. Use several shelves on the glass door and your vanity to store your bathroom supplies. This unique design is great for creating more functional and visual space.


Shower Cabin
What could be more inspirational than a bathroom with a shower cabin? This enclosed space with backing panels is designed to keep water from spraying the rest of your bathroom. Outside of the shower cabin is a relaxing soaking tub, and you can even add a cozy chair for dressing.

From: Bath Deluxe Bathrooms

Drawing inspiration from bathrooms with timeless color schemes or spa-like features is a great way to create the shower room of your dreams.

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