10 Beautiful Scandinavian Style Bedrooms

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If you are like many other homeowners, you are thinking of adding the Scandinavian style to your home. The Scandinavian style is perfect for your bedroom because the lack of clutter creates a peaceful atmosphere. Use the following ideas to create a beautiful Scandinavian-style bedroom in your home.

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Light and Airy
A Scandinavian-style bedroom depends on a light, airy space to keep the look simple. In this bedroom, you can find the necessary furniture, as well as a light-colored rug at the foot of the bed. On either side of the bed is a small white nightstand.

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Covered In Layers
A layered look is a great way to add a warm vibe to your Scandinavian bedroom. The best part is how easy it is to achieve this look. Use pillows, throws and area rugs to create a cozy atmosphere in your space.

From: One Kind Design

Darker Shades
A Scandinavian-style bedroom is typically made of lighter colors, but that does not mean you have to skip on the darker shades. Using a color scheme of white and grey adds the darker shade without create a gloomy atmosphere.

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Chic Scandinavian Bedroom
In this bedroom, brightly colored wall art and a patterned rug add a chic vibe to your Scandinavian look. Use a wall-mounted nightstand with a shelf to add functionality without taking away from your chic Scandinavian style.

From: Decoist

Bright Colors
A small dose of bright colors is a great way to add a contemporary vibe to your Scandinavian bedroom. Start with a white bed and matching dresser, and add the color with your comforter, throw pillows, area rug and wall art.

From: Ideal Home

Rustic Scandinavian Vibe
The rustic and Scandinavian styles go hand-in-hand, and you can easily add that rustic look with wooden elements. Start by investing in wooden elements such as your nightstand, and then pair the wooden elements with your white walls and hardwood floor of a slightly different shade.

From: Relocated Living

Go With Blue
If you want to add a burst of color, blue is always a popular choice for Scandinavian decorators. A white comforter with a blue trim along with blue and white pillows look great against your white walls and wooden floor.

From: One Kind Design

Black and White
There is something about a black and white color scheme that adds a bit of sophistication to your bedroom. You can opt for a black and white bedding set, as well as a black desk next to your white walls. Create a wall gallery of black and white artwork, but with a touch of color on certain pieces. 

From: Home Designing

Wooden Elements
You do not have to stick with a neutral interior to create a Scandinavian-style bedroom. The look can still be achieved with wooden paneled walls and hardwood flooring, and you can enhance it with a wooden bed and nightstand. Let your bedding and accessories add the neutral shades to your bedroom.

From: Natural Bed Company

Touch of Nature
Use greenery and wood colored elements to add a touch of nature to your white Scandinavian bedroom. You can even opt for a wooden pendant lamp over the bed, which adds a warm but elegant vibe.

From: Baldoa - Home Design Ideas

Whether you want to mix in a warm, chic or rustic vibe, the right colors and elements make it easy to create a beautiful Scandinavian bedroom.

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